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UHAA – #ForTheCity Blend


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#ForTheCity Blend: A Cup of Triumph and Tradition

Introducing the “#ForTheCity Blend,” a coffee that embodies the spirit and determination of the University of Houston Men’s Basketball team. As part of our exclusive partnership with the University of Houston Alumni Association, this blend is a tribute to a team that continues to make its mark in college sports history.

Every sip of this blend reveals the rich and comforting flavors of cinnamon, the deep and nutty essence of toasted hazelnuts, and the sweet, creamy notes of vanilla bean. This combination is not just a flavor profile; it’s an experience, much like watching the Cougars dominate the court.

With each cup of the “ForTheCity Blend,” you’re not just enjoying a delicious coffee; you’re becoming part of a legacy that the University of Houston Basketball team continues to build. It’s more than a drink; it’s a tribute to the spirit of Houston and its champions.


Coffee Details

Roast Medium
Body Medium
Acidity Medium
Flavor Notes
Central America