What is the Best Type of Grind for My Brew?

The type of coffee grind you need for your coffee brewer depends on the type of coffee maker you are using. In general, there are four main types of coffee grinds: Coarse grind: Coarse grind is best suited for french press and a steeping-style method. The large, chunky grind allows for optimal extraction of the […]

Why Texans Love Pecans: The Story Behind Texas’ Favorite Nut and How Katz Coffee’s Texas Hill Country Pecan Coffee Brings Its Flavor to Life

If you’ve spent any time in Texas, you’ve likely encountered the state’s beloved pecans. From pecan pies to pralines, this versatile nut has been a staple in Texas cuisine for generations. But why do Texans love pecans so much, and how can you experience their rich, nutty flavor for yourself? Let’s explore. A Nut with […]

Avi Falls in Love

Going to visit ENP was one of the most exhilarating experiences. Walking next to the largest land mammal and witnessing how majestic they are really puts a lot in perspective. It is our responsibilty as humans to protect and respect all life, ENP is a crowning example of this. When returning to Texas, I realized […]


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