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UHAA – 1927 Blend


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1927 The Centennial Blend: Celebrating Tradition with Every Sip

In partnership with the University of Houston Alumni Association, we proudly present the “1927 The Centennial Blend”, a tribute to the year when the University of Houston was founded. As the official coffee sponsor, we’re excited to bring you a blend that resonates with the rich history and vibrant spirit of UH.

Each cup offers a symphony of flavors that echo the diverse and dynamic character of the UH community. You’ll savor the decadent notes of semi-sweet chocolate, the refreshing hint of orange zest, and the subtle, comforting taste of nuts. This harmonious combination creates a unique and memorable coffee experience.

As you enjoy this exquisite blend, you’re not just savoring a premium coffee; you’re becoming part of a legacy that spans nearly a century. Raise your cup to the past, present, and future of the University of Houston with every delightful sip.

Coffee Details

Roast Medium
Body Medium
Acidity Mild
Flavor Notes
Semi-sweet Chocolate
Orange Zest
Central America, Indonesia