Avi "Big Kitty" Katz

The year is 2003 and the place is the Houston Heights. A white Ford F150 cruises effortlessly down 20th Street. The driver is clearly enjoying some intricate and intense techno music as he pulls into the Katz Coffee parking lot. This man is Avi Katz, otherwise known as Big Kitty. He is daily working toward his vision of a company that exceeds customers’ expectations with impeccable quality and customer service. “Fast-Paced” does not begin to describe our fearless leader. He drinks from a red mug every morning. If the drip coffee isn’t ready yet, he pulls a shot of espresso. No one knows what the red mug says; it is a blur in Avi’s hands. With over 18 years in the coffee industry, he is the aficionado on all things coffee and strives for perfection in every cup. He has an undeniable passion for what he does and it is contagious to his team and everyone he meets. Outside his office and away from the warehouses, he is just as speedy. He enjoys kayaking in the bayou and off-roading in his jeep. He lavishes his free time on his loved-ones.


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